What is seasonal affective disorder?

Have you been feeling down or sad lately? Nothing really happened but you have not been feeling like your normal self. This is the time of the year when daylight becomes shorter. It could possibly be seasonal affective disorder.

Seasonal affective disorder (also known as SAD) occurs during the beginning of the fall and winter months and ends around spring. There is not a direct cause for SAD but there has been much research on it. Many researchers believes it is due to some people's body producing low Vitamin D levels so lack of sunlight starts to affect them mentally and emotionally. SAD is similar to regular depression except SAD only occurs around this time of the year as the summer days have came to an end. It is more common in women and children; especially those children that enjoy outdoor activities and will have to limit their time outdoor due to daylight ending early. 

Some symptoms of SAD includes hopelessness, social isolation, increased need for sleep, unhappiness, irritable, and loss of interest. 

Some treatment for SAD includes psychotherapy, light therapy, and vitamin D. 

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Before diagnosing yourself, please seek treatment from a licensed mental health professional. 



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