Below are some FAQs. Please review this page before sending an email because your question may have already been answered. 


Are you accepting new clients? At this time, I am accepting new clients. I am only accepting clients that are physically located in Louisiana and New Jersey

Can I get a refund? We do not accept refund.

When are you launching the podcast? The podcast, Her Healing Space, is coming April 2021. Make sure you subscribe to list to have it. 

Are you on social media? Yes, you can like my Facebook page HERE and following me on Instagram HERE

What's Her Healing Space? Her Healing Space is my brand that will be launching Winter 2021. Her Healing Space will be a monthly subscription where you will receive digital resources monthly (one masterclass, challenges, ebook, and a surprise item). You will also have access to a Facebook group with other women that are on their healing journey.  Her Healing Space will also have a podcast coming Spring 2022 as well as a Youtube channel. 

Where's my order? If you have not received a tracking number within five business day, please send us an email to admin@myishajackson.com. If you did not receive a digital download of a digital file, please check spam to before emailing us.